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We are Casey and Tina Haden. We have been married for 26 years and have 4 great children. We have all worked hard to build this dream. Casey worked many years traveling the country as a welder. When I retired from teaching, I went along for a couple of years.

We have stayed at many RV parks both private and government owned. We enjoyed meeting new people and the family feel of an RV park. Since settling back at home we knew exactly what we wanted to do with the family farm. We put together all of our favorite ideas from the places we had stayed at and a few of our own and started creating our RV park.

Rocky Springs Ranch has been the name of our family farm for over 40 years. Now it holds an RV park that we want to share with you and your family. 


Our family staff consists of:
  • Pat Buhr (mother of Tina)
  • Bryar, Lydia, Taylor, and Haley (Casey and Tina's children)
  • Sam and JoAnn Haden ( Casey's Parents)

In Honor of Lynn Buhr, our guardian angel (Father of Tina)  

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